Instrument Sales

Sell your instrument

I find buyers for instruments on behalf of customers. This service is designed to help if you have an instrument that you no longer need and are unsure of how to go about selling it for a fair price.

My service includes initial advice and an approximate valuation which is often on the basis of photos sent to me by email.  I will also give you guidance on repairs or maintenance that might be required.  The next step is usually to get the instrument to me.  Once I have examined it I will give you a more precise estimate of repair costs and likely selling price.  It is then your decision whether to ask me to find a buyer for you.  Before advertising the instrument I will put it into good playing order.   When I find a buyer I will arrange for them to contact you to arrange payment direct to you. Once sold I will send you an invoice for repair costs and a finders fee of 15% of the balance after deducting repair costs.  The minimum finders fee is £75, so this service is most suitable for instruments which will realise £500 or more.

This service is only offered to sellers resident in the UK.

Renovated classics

I usually have a few melodeons and concertinas for sale which I have refurbished. You can see these in the Boxshop. I also have a wide variety of older instruments awaiting restoration, these are mainly older Hohner Club and two-row melodeons, and English, Anglo and Duet concertinas. An expression of interest will bring any of these instruments nearer to the front of the queue for restoration. Please get in touch to discuss what you might be interested in.