Concertina tuning

Concertina Tuning, Repair and Restoration

Tuning and Servicing

Examples of the type of work I undertake:

  • tuning to your individual requirement. Equal temperament, historic tunings etc
  • re-pitching to A=440Hz
  • bellows repairs –  worn edges, split internal hinges, leaking gaskets, replacement bellows
  • custom made straps
  • replacement pads, valves, bushings

and anything else that may be needed to put your instrument into good playing order.

All repair work is guaranteed for 1 year.

Instruments for repair can be sent by post or courier. Please contact me first by email, phone or letter to discuss what you need.

Renovating Older Concertinas

The renovation process typically includes some or all of these processes:

  • repairing damaged woodwork, including warped reed pans and cracked action boards
  • bellows repair or replacement
  • new pads, valves and bushings
  • tuning and re-pitching to A=440Hz
  • cleaning
  • polishing tarnished metalwork
  • re-finishing external woodwork
  • new pads, valves and bushings
  • tuning
  • replacement bellows gaskets
  • replacing broken springs
  • replacing missing or damaged buttons
  • fitting new straps


Working With Concertinas

Whenever I receive a concertina for any sort of repair work I am conscious of the skill with which it was made, and the quality of the materials that were used. I endeavour to make repairs that are sympathetic to the instrument, and to use the same materials and methods as went into the creation of the instrument. For example I normally use animal glue and where possible old matching timber for woodwork repairs,  and best woollen baize for bushings and carefully selected leather for valves, bellows repairs and straps..

The special tone and responsiveness of the best concertinas is entirely dependent on the reeds being treated with great care, especially while being tuned. Good concertina reeds are in short supply. I can obtain some secondhand from instruments that are beyond repair, but worldwide there is only a handful of people who have the skill to make good new concertina reeds.