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Hohner Trichord II B/C/C#



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Hohner Trichord II  available now.  This is the classic Hohner box using the B/C/C# system devised by Jimmy Shand and sometimes known as the British Chromatic.  It is fully chromatic on the right hand and has a 12 button stradella bass with fundamentals and major chords for FCGDAE.  This system was originally devised for playing Scottish tunes but it’s chromatic note layout makes it a very versatile instrument for playing in many different styles.  

This example has been carefully maintained and recently been tuned with slightly less tremolo that standard Hohner and it has a beautiful smooth rich sound. It is in great playing condition and is visually very good.  It comes with a pair of wide padded straps with a back strap attached and there is a good plush lined hard case.