Hohner Organola Deluxe BC


Hohner Organola Deluxe BC, three voice LMM with switch behind the keyboard.



Hohner Organola Deluxe BC.   On the treble side it is three voice LMM with a handy switch behind the keyboard to take out the low reed.   Bass is five voice 36 button stradella with major chord, bass and counterbass rows. There is a full length air bar on the left which is vitally important with a stradella bass on a diatonic instrument. This one probably dates from the late 1930s. Externally the case with it’s celluloid finish is in excellent condition.   It is tuned to A=440Hz.  The reeds are fixed with screws and mounted on leather gaskets, something Hohner only did on their highest quality instruments.   Buttons are genuine mother of pearl – another sign of quality.  It needs a reed overhaul and a good clean.

Renovation work will include:
  • Replace reed valves
  • tune to concert pitch
  • replace bellows gaskets
  • part re-tape bellows
  • re-face pallets
  • fit new grill cloth

Standard UK delivery £15.  Collection welcome by  appointment.

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