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Pariselle/Mash two voice BflatEflat


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Pariselle/Mash BflatEflat two voice LM with two switches which allow the player to select either of the single reeds or both reeds together.  Reeds are Binci Professional a mano steel reeds on dural plates.  There are 26 treble buttons arranged 10/9/6 and 14 basses.  The scale starts on the second button and is Emmanuel Pariselle’s standard note layout.  The bass layout has typical 12 basses plus an extra two buttons which are bass only which makes the basses chromatic.  The bass voicing is two reeds per bass and two reeds per chord (tonic and fifth only).  The timber used in the casework is French walnut.  This is a new instrument, has been built to a high standard and plays beautifully.

Built July 2015 at an Emmanuel Pariselle melodeon building course in France.   The builder Chris Mash is a retired college lecturer in workshop practise, who has gone on to become part of the team supporting Emmanuel’s courses.  He has introduced a variety of innovations into the build process on the course such as laser cutting for complex wooden components, and better quality jigs for producing the components for the bass mechanism.

Includes straps and a good quality padded gig bag.