Mahogany box project for small size concertina


Well made mahogany box suitable for  a smaller sized concertina.   It will need lining and blocking.

Internal dimensions 197 x 165 x 165mm


I don’t know what this box was originally used for, but it is beautifully made of mahogany about 10mm thick.  Unfortunately it is too small for a standard size treble concertina, but would be suitable for  a smaller sized instrument that is less than 140mm/5 1/2″ across the flats, thought that would leave little or no space for padding  at the points of the hexagon. Internal dimensions 197 x 165 x 165mm. I suppose a good woodworker could add a collar to raise the height to hold a bigger instrument. It’s been sitting on a shelf here for years and I’m clearing out some old items that are of no use to me.  It’s much too nice to discard.  Price includes UK delivery

Standard UK delivery £15.  Collection welcome by  appointment.

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