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Bernard Loffet 2.6 row Pro model in GC



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Bernard Loffet 2.6 row Pro model in GC in very good condition, a few small external blemishes and great playing. The sound is rich and full and the response of the reeds is excellent.   Six extra treble buttons and 12 bass and three treble coupler and two bass end stops make this a highly versatile instrument.  Please listen to the Soundcloud recording to hear it in play. New price is around £2600 so this represents a big saving.

The extra basses are Eb/Bb nearest the bellows and G#/C furthest from the bellows.

The half row is Eb/C# A/G G#/Bb  Eb/C# A/G G#/Bb

It is the standard Bernard Loffet layout as shown here