Lachenal English concertina for repair


Lachenal English concertina with brass reeds for restoration. Serial is number 44667.  Rosewood ends with moulded edges and bushed buttons mark this as one of the better quality tutor models.  Great as a repair project for the current lockdown.  Underneath the muck there is a nice concertina!

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This is a rather sad looking example of a Lachenal English concertina, though underneath the grubby exterior there is potential for quite a nice instrument.  This would be ideal for a budding restorer to take on as a project during the current lockdown.   It has brass reeds with a few steel replacements, rosewood ends and bushed bone buttons. Serial is number 44667.  It will need a new set of bellows and new thumb straps, and some screws to replace the rivets that have been used to fix the thumb straps and finger rests. Everything else is there and just needs cleaning and replacing the usual consumable parts such as pads, valves and felt bushings.  You would expect to pay £600 to £700 for this model in restored condition.