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Lachenal 30 key CG anglo with metal ends




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Lachenal 30 key CG anglo, serial number 195341 (1920s). Metal ends with ebonised end frames, hight quality bone buttons, steel reeds and in concert pitch.  It was fully overhauled in November 2016 by Nigel Sture with new pads and valves and tuning to concert pitch. It plays with the quick responses and bright tone that this model is known for.  It was Lachenals top model at the time it was produced.  The 8-fold bellows are original.  It has a good quality modern case.  This has two non-standard feature which suggest it was built as a special order to a customers specification: the 8-fold bellows, and the third row of buttons on the right side is displace to the right.  The button pattern is typical of concertinas made by G Jones, so this one may have been made for a player who previously had a Jones anglo.