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Hohner Imperial IVA piano accordion


Hohner Imperial IVA piano accordion for restoration.


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Hohner Imperial IVA piano accordion for restoration.  This is a very rare and desirable miniature accordion from the late 1930s or possibly 1940s.  This comes from the period when Hohner designers came up with a whole raft of superb new designs including the miniature Imperial and Regina ranges.  This model has 34 treble keys and 60 basses in a package not much bigger than a three row melodeon.  Its three voice LMM on the  treble side with a slide coupler, and 4 voice bass.  It has the very rare mahogany-like celluloid finish that I’ve only seen on this model and the equally ground breaking Preciosa miniature melodeon. Reeds are zinc for the MM treble and the two higher banks on the bass, the L reeds on the treble and the lower bass reeds are on aluminium plates.  All the reeds appear to be intact and have some very slight corrosion.   Valves are badly curled.  The strap brackets are missing, and three black key tops are missing, otherwise it is complete.

It needs thorough cleaning and a full overhaul, but would make a great box for a player who needs a high quality accordion in a very compact package.