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Hohner Club IIB Victoria CF


Hohner Club IIB Victoria CF, offered as a straightforward restoration project.

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Hohner Club IIB Victoria CF.   This is a two voice instrument with 30 treble keys. The Victoria variant is an up-market version of the standard two voice Club IIB, the main difference being the genuine mother of pearl buttons instead of plastic.  This one probably dates from the 1940s. Externally the case and celluloid finish is in excellent condition.   All reed plates are zinc, mostly marked H.  It is tuned to A=435Hz.  It plays but there is some valve noise. It is mostly in tune with itself.  It includes a pair of straps and a fibreboard case

Work required to put it into good playing order
  • Replace all reed valves
  • replace all reed wax
  • tune to A=440Hz
  • de-club
  • replace bellows gaskets
  • re-face treble and bass pallets