Hohner Club II dark wood DG


Hohner Club II dark wood DG, Cagnoni tipo a mano reeds, nice player.
Gig bag and padded strap included.

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Hohner Club II dark wood DG. I converted this to DG a few years back using a new set of Cagnoni tipo a mano reeds tuned with a 2Hz swing. It has bushed bass buttons, re-faced pallets and is a thoroughly delightful box to play. There are no thirds in the chords, and it is not club tuned. It comes with a padded black shoulder strap and a good quality Fuselli back pack style gig bag

This instrument is from the collection of the late Steve Harrison. I maintained Steve’s melodeons for a good number of years and I’m now doing a last service for him by arranging the sale of his melodeons.