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Crabb 79 key Maccann Duet


Crabb 79 key Maccann Duet, eight sided with metal ends and black eight-fold bellows.

Recording of this concertina:

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Crabb 79 key Maccann Duet, eight sided with metal ends and metal buttons.  Steel reeds. The eight-fold bellows were made by Rosalie Dipper in 1996. The serial number is 18366.

Range of the the left is 3 octaves from C2 to C5. Range on the right is 3 1/2 octaves from G3 to C7

The owner of the concertina gives it’s story:

About the Crabb duet concertina : my brother bought it from Crabb in the second half of the 70’s. I bought it back from him few years later as he switched to chromatic accordion.

In 1989, the bellows corners were yielding somewhat, so I scheduled an appointment with (Neville) Crabb in London to get new bellows and some minor problems fixed (tunings among others). I phoned him on the Thursday to make sure that everything is all right, and the next Monday I stood before his shop closed. He had died in the meantime!

I carried on playing with the instrument as it was till 1996, when I took it to Colin and Rosalie Dipper, who made the needed repairs, including new bellows.

The following year, Colin called to tell me that someone wished to sell a Wheatstone duet, I bought it and used only that one till now : a sweeter sound, with the right hand though a bit weak compared with the left one, as I play usually a lot with three-notes chords. But I made do with it all these years and the Crabb remained in its box all this time.

Recording of this concertina: