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Unbranded vintage CF melodeon project



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Unbranded vintage CF melodeon, offered as a restoration project, two voice treble with brass reeds on individual zinc plates,  19 treble buttons, 6 bass.  Probably made in Saxony in the 1920s.  The reeds all sound well with a warm and mellow sound and a reasonable amount of volume available.  The keyboard is reminiscent of flutina design with long celluloid  keys rather than buttons.  All reeds are present and working, bass and treble mechanisms operate freely, bellows shows little wear.  The main work needed is to re-valve and re-wax all the reeds,  and some tuning will be needed.  Also needs work to make the box airtight.  The main air leakage areas are from the treble and bass pallets. Has potential to be a very sweet player with reed work and airtightness attended to.