Hohner button travel limit

Hohner button travel restriction

Pictures showing a simple but effective method for limiting the travel of the treble buttons on Hohner Pokerwork, Erica Double Ray and related Hohner models which includes most of the two voice models produced by Hohner from the early 1930s to the present day.   



Measure the gap under the levers
Measure the gap under the levers







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  1. I have been learning to play my Pokerwork for about a year and had noted that my fingers sometimes disappeared down the button holes. I was toying with the idea of restricting the operating lever movement somehow but had not yet got round to having a go. The illustration of the restriction mod is just about what I had in mind. Can you tell what the clearance was between the levers and the restrictor block and the dimension of the block square. It looks tho be about 1/4″ or so. Also was the screw used as an aid to positioning, or fixing, as I would assume the block would be glued in position? I will be having a go but any info you have will reduce the trial and error process. Many thanks for the illustration.

    1. Hi John, the spacing off the levers away from the back wall of the box varies a lot between different examples. I normally cut the block a tiny bit oversize, then sand it down till it just fits, then sand it a bit more till I get the button travel I want. I also use a soft timber (western red cedar) which will take a permanent impression when I press a lever down hard, and I use this to make fine adjustments. The screws are to hold the block in place, I’ve never used glue. I would advise against using glue, because you might find you have to take the block out to make adjustments.

      1. Theo, many thanks for such a swift response. I understand your method and reasoning completely. I will follow your guidelines and get to work. Thanks again.

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