Vintage Royal Standard GCB

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Vintage Royal Standard GCB two voice 12 bass.

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Vintage Royal Standard GCB two voice 12 bass.  I acquired this  thinking to use it for parts, but when I received it I was immediately impressed by the superb build quality for an instrument which probably dates back to the late 1920s or thereabouts.  GCB is a system that was briefly popular at that time and this one seems to have missed the boat and has never been played much.   Externally it is just as I found it apart from a light cleaning.  Internally I have replaced reed valves and wax which were both perished with age, but I have for the moment left the tuning as found.  The reeds are Dix steel tongue zinc plate with individual plates and are clean and undamaged.  The bellows show no signs of wear, and the wooden treble grill is intact apart from one very small crack.  I’m not going to do any further work at present until I’ve learned some more about this box, or until a buyer comes along.

Work needed to make it playable includes:

  • freeing off some sticking treble buttons
  • replacing a missing bass button
  • tuning

Price: £165.00