Castagnari Fazzy DG



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Castagnari Fazzy DG two row 12 bass. 4th button start with low notes and accidentals.  This is a 12 bass version of the very popular Castagnari Hascy and gives extra bass and chord of F#/B nearest the bellows, and A/E major nearest the hand.   Standard Castagnari demi swing tuning on the treble voices.  Three voice LMM with two switches that enable you to choose M, LM, MM, or LMM voicing, and a left had stop to take out thirds.  Cherry wood  case. This is virtually a new box. It is 2 years old but has hardly been played.  It still smells new, and the straps still feel stiff. Includes straps and hard case.

The Fazzy is a rare model and the extra basses give a more versatility than the standard 8 basses, and there is a saving of at least £400 compared to buying new.